I have been a gamer for the last 18 years and I have a huge track record behind my back. With thousands of completed games, years in playtime and a few hundred games that I wish to play I think I am qualified enough to speak my mind on this topic.

Countless people have tried to run a website as a mysterious figure and just a few have succeeded, but anonymity allows me to really express views that otherwise would be detrimental for my future plans and career. As much as I would like to reveal my identity, i think its for the better of this website that I remain “in the shadows”.

What I really want to stress on here is the purpose of the website. I created it in order to provide honest and in-depth reviews to gamers around the globe looking for new games to play. Here are the key points that i think you will enjoy in this site:

  • This website will never run ads and annoying “click me” baits.
  • This website will contain only my honest opinion and I will not accept payments from companies to promote their games.
  • In a rare case I might promote a product, but only if I really enjoy it and find that it could be useful to the viewers of this website.
  • You are free to donate if you enjoy the content or just want to show your support – all of the funds will go into increasing the quality of content.
  • If you wish from me to review your game, you are free to use the contact form and send me a license key for it.
  • In-depth reviews really take time. I will not do a review of a game without exploring most, if not all of what it has to offer. Of course some games require months of grinding which just makes it impossible to get a review out in a timely manner.

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